Wow! It’s been since early June that I have blogged.  I will be 26 years old on Sunday.  Where has the time gone? Well, I’ve been extremely busy in other areas of my life.  After leaving the law office, my summer plan changed gears in a direction that I hadn’t anticipated.  Since then I’ve flooded the internet with resumes and applying for full-time positions.  At first, I looked at this situation as nothing but a burden.  And now, I see it as a blessing. I was becoming too comfortable with the plan that I had made for myself and in result, I wasn’t moving further along in my career or in my life.

My photo career has been placed on hold.  And, I really shouldn’t call it a career per say.  It’s just something that I happen to love and do when the opportunity comes along.  I’m learning that, that is what it really is right now.  Perhaps that will change one day, but right now my goal is to take care of me, pay my bills, make sure that I am happy and healthy, photograph and blog about it when I can and keep moving forward on to great things.

I also started to volunteer my time at a local cafe called Chaplin’s Music Cafe as a talent recruiter.  There’s a story behind how this happened.  I was on Twitter one early afternoon and I see that one of my favorite artists was playing at Chaplin’s that night.  He had a gig in Philly but it was cancelled. So naturally, I tweeted him and asked him if tickets were still available and he wrote me back and said yes.  I almost didn’t go, but I am so glad I did. I went by myself down to Chaplin’s to see David Ramirez that evening.  It happened to also be an open mic night, so he didn’t perform until later on.  If you do not know this man’s music, please check his stuff out. He’s amazing and he’s even more amazing live. Unfortunately, due to the cancellation of his show in Philly, there weren’t many people there. I thought to myself, I wish there were more people here for David because he’s so incredibly talented and then the selfish side of me was smiling on the inside because I felt like it was my own private concert. I even brought my camera, expecting to take some photos that night.  I did not pick up my camera once.  All I wanted to do was listen.  During my time there that night, I spoke to the booking manager about music and we played a few games of tick tac toe.  I met David after the show which was an incredible honor.  I felt like I was on a high. I was at this music cafe, by myself, listening to good music all night and meeting new people. After the show when people started to filter out, I had a chat with the booking manager. He felt that I was really knowledgeable with the latest music etc. and asked me to come back to Chaplin’s to speak with his boss about helping bring in new talent.  Isn’t it funny how things happen? Even if I had never been asked to help out, going there by myself was a big deal and listening to and meeting David Ramirez was the icing on the cake!

We are always changing.

I have also started meditating, too.  My goal is to let certain worries and stresses go. I am choosing not to live within myself and the negatives clogging me up.  I’ve tinkered with the idea of keeping a meditation journal and possibly blogging about it, so we shall see!

Thanks for reading and catching up with me! If you’d like to pop by and say hello, please leave me a comment =) Or, if you have any helpful meditation tips or if you’ve like to share your favorite David Ramirez song with me, I’d be down for that, too!

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