Here I am, writing a blog post and standing up while Kramer is occupying my computer chair…in front of the fan, hogging up all the wonderful air.  Such a prince!

I was doing some massive cleaning today, since I will be moving into my brother’s room =) (he moved out), and under my bed, I came across my black book of FILM test strips, tons of prints (lots of mess ups, haha), and contact sheets to boot! This was a nice discovery because it was the first time I ever tried film.  I have so much love for my chemical photography class because  not only did it teach me how to shoot  film but it also taught me how to develop my own prints.  More importantly, I stuck with it long after the class was over and decided that I would continue to shoot film.

At the time, I was just beginning to really take photography seriously and it was  a shame because I did not discover my passion for it, until a couple years deep into my communications degree.  After taking chemical photography, I took a couple photojournalism courses and sports photography =)  I’m grateful for these classes.   I learned a ton about photography and in the process, my heart has grown fonder for it each day.

Here are a couple of my favorite images, scanned for your viewing! Both shots are of my friend Christy.

35mm, b&w film, hand developed by me.

I remember, the shot above being very overexposed but that’s the wonderful thing about developing your own prints, even if they come out overexposed or underexposed on your contact sheets, that doesn’t mean you can’t fix them in the darkroom! This image came out beautifully in the end and I am still so proud of it.

35mm, b&w film, hand developed by me.

I love this one, too! I was going for an old Hollywood look for Christy.  She’s a huge Marilyn Monroe fan, hence the poster in the background =)

(The prints and contact sheets still smell like the darkroom, too…ahhhh memories!)

2 thoughts

  1. Every time I see new pictures u post I think back to that chemical class. We ALL saw it in you and the work u accomplished that u truly have a photography talent. Always looking forward to seeing ur next photography visions… Follow ur heart & dream big!

    • I was so lucky to have you, Mindy and Linda. I was so new to photography and really had no clue what I was doing, but you 3 made it easier for me and of course fun!! 🙂 So, thank you! And, thanks for your kind words! Sometimes, I need that little reminder 🙂

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